A Message from Maui Electric

Oct. 4, 2017

Sharon Suzuki

Every three years, Maui Electric is required to file a rate review with our regulators to give them the opportunity to see if our rates are reasonable. I wanted to let you know we will file that rate review application in October and it will include a request for our first base-rate increase in six years.

The detailed review by the Public Utilities Commission will take about a year and will include opportunities for customers to comment. Any increase would likely not take effect until late in 2018, at the earliest.

As soon as the request is filed, we’ll provide more details on our website, www.mauielectric.com.

Like all other goods and services, the costs that go into providing electric service – equipment, materials, personnel – have gone up.

I understand the impact that higher bills would have on the families and businesses we serve, so I want you to know that we work hard to manage our costs while maintaining a high level of service. Some of our revenue will be tied to meeting performance benchmarks in key areas like customer service and reliability.

Part of our request helps pay to keep service safe and reliable with the increasing amount of renewable energy on our electric grid, including nearly 12,000 private rooftop solar systems. Maui Electric is committed to reducing emissions that contribute to climate change, so we’re proud that 37 percent of our electricity now comes from renewable resources.

And we’re working with communities on Molokai to accelerate the island’s effort to be 100 percent renewable.

We continue to look for ways to help customers reduce their overall energy bills through greater efficiency and options like Time-of-Use rates and electric vehicles. Thanks to some of our partnerships, Maui County is a leader in EV adoption, putting more zero-emission vehicles on the road and enabling customers to “fill up” at low or no cost.

We’ve also focused on clearing and managing vegetation, work that has resulted in fewer, briefer outages in some of our most remote areas, such as East Maui and East Molokai. Because these efforts have resulted in improved reliability, we plan to increase spending to continue that work.

Again, I know that a rate increase isn’t welcome news but I hope you will take the time to review and consider the information on our website once our rate request is filed.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Sharon M. Suzuki
Maui Electric Company