A Responsibility to Protect our Island Environment

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Our Commitment

Protecting the Environment is Good Business


Maui Electric is committed to meeting the energy needs of Hawaii's people in a reliable, economical and environmentally sound way. Whether it's increasing efficiency of a power plant, responding to a customer question or exploring a new clean energy solution, our employees serve with pride and are committed to building a better energy future for Hawaii.

As the impacts of climate change are felt globally, we here in Hawaii need to develop more sustainable solutions for our communities. Our vision: A more affordable clean energy future that will create meaningful benefits for Hawaii's economy and our island environment.

To that end, we're making steady progress on our clean energy goals and are challenging ourselves to meet more aggressive renewable energy requirements. We're also modernizing our electric grid with smart grid technology, enabling us to improve integration of low-cost renewable energy, improve grid reliability and provide more products and services to our customers.