Our Story

Leading the Way to a Clean Energy Future for Hawaii

Maui Clean Energy

To achieve our vision of clean energy future for our islands, we understand the importance of more renewable energy. Today, Hawaiian Electric Company and its subsidiaries provide electricity and services to 95 percent of the state's 1.4 million residents. Nearly 14 percent of the electricity used by our community in 2012 came from renewable sources, up from 12 percent last year and 9 percent just five years ago.

As our portfolio of renewable energy continues to grow and Hawaii residents use electricity more efficiently, we are able to use less oil and, in doing so, strengthen Hawaii's economy and energy security, while helping protect the environment of our islands and the world.

The demand for power that has fueled the growth of the Hawaiian Islands has been met by Hawaiian Electric for well over a century. And as the next millennium unfolds, the company remains committed to providing quality service to generations of Hawaii families and businesses to come.