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Is an electric vehicle right for you?

Before purchasing a new vehicle, please consider using our WattPlan for Electric Vehicles tool to help you compare the costs of an electric vehicle versus a conventional vehicle.

WattPlan for Electric Vehicles

As of September 16, 2016, the electric vehicle (“EV”) time-of-use (“TOU”) rate is closed for new enrollments. Customers currently enrolled may stay on rate TOU EV. The Hawaiian Electric Companies will create a new interim TOU rate, in mid-October. Until this new rate is effective, customers may charge their EVs at home or at businesses on their current electric rate.

A new TOU interim rate has been established. Enrollment is available for all residential customers, up to 5,000 across all three companies, whether or not the customer has an electric vehicle. The interim rate is expected to be in effect for two years. Please visit our Time-of-Use enrollment page for additional information on how to sign up.



Residential Single or Multi-Family Dwelling charging


Commercial: Getting Started

Step 1: Understand Your Rate Options > LanaiMauiMolokai
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