Oahu Locational Value Map (LVM)

The Locational Value Map / Address Search Tool allows customers and solar contractors to see approximately how much space may be available for private rooftop solar installations in their area based on the big picture. The maps displays the percentage of space currently available on our higher voltage primary system, but not on the thousands of secondary neighborhood circuits embedded within the primary system. So, please keep in mind that although our primary system may have available space as shown in the map, it’s possible that the local system will require upgrades before any additional private solar systems can be installed.

Hawaiian Electric Company recently filed a draft Grid Modernization Strategy with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission outlining some of the new technologies we intend to use to create the grid of the future that will address some of these local constraints. You can read more about that plan here.

Data shown in the maps and from the address search tool are updated nightly on weekdays. For more information about possible studies and upgrades, call or email the respective programs ( SIA, NEM, FIT). For questions or comments regarding the LVM tool, please email LVM@hawaiianelectric.com.

* % Available refers to the percentage of remaining space currently available for solar on the primary circuit based on a primary hosting capacity model. Depending on the percentage available, an interconnection study and upgrades may be necessary. Any circuits with less than 5%, will most likely require an interconnection study. Additional checks are also done on secondary circuits to safely ensure a customer may interconnect.

** Available remaining kW or kilowatt is the total capacity output available for customers to connect solar energy systems to the grid based on the hosting capacity of the primary circuit and service address location.

Address Search Tool

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