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Customer Renewable Programs

Traditionally, generation of electricity takes place at power plants. This is referred to as centralized generation. Distributed energy resources refer to smaller generators located throughout the energy grid, such as private rooftop solar systems mounted on homes and businesses.

Hawaii is leading the country when it comes to distributed energy resources and we have several programs available to customers who want to offset their energy bill by generating their own power.

Our Customer Renewable Programs

  • Customer Grid-Supply Plus (CGS Plus) systems must include grid support technology to manage grid reliability and allow the utility to remotely monitor system performance, technical compliance and, if necessary, control for grid stability.
  • Smart Export customers with a renewable system and battery energy storage system have the option to export energy to the grid from 4 p.m. – 9 a.m. Systems must include grid support technology to manage grid reliability and system performance.
  • Customer Self-Supply (CSS) is intended only for private rooftop solar installations that are designed to not export any electricity to the grid. Customers are not compensated for any export of energy.
  • Customer Grid-Supply (CGS) participants receive a PUC-approved credit for electricity sent to the grid and are billed at the retail rate for electricity they use from the grid. The program remains open until the installed capacity has been reached.
  • Net Energy Metering (NEM) is closed to new applicants.
  • Standard Interconnection Agreement (SIA) is designed for larger customers who wish to offset their electricity bill with on-site generation.

Programs at a Glance

Wondering what program may be right for you? It really depends on your individual situation and your short- and long-term goals. If you’re trying to decide between available programs for private rooftop solar or other renewables, here are a few questions to help determine the best fit.

How do you currently use energy? How might that change in the future? What do you want to achieve through participating in one of our programs? Here's a quick comparison of the available programs.

ProgramGrid Export Rate*Battery Storage Typical?Grid Export WindowControllable?Wireless Availability Required?
Customer Grid-Supply PlusMaui: 12.17 cents/kWh
Lanai: 20.8 cents/kWh
Molokai: 16.77 cents/kWh
Smart ExportMaui: 14.41 cents/kWh
Lanai: 20.79 cents/kWh
Molokai: 16.64 cents/kWh
Yes4 p.m. to 9 a.m.NoYes
Customer Self-SupplyN/ANo, but usually installedN/AN/ANo
Customer Grid-Supply**Maui: 17.16 cents/kWh
Lanai: 27.88 cents/kWh
Molokai: 24.07 cents/kWh

*Standard retail rates applied for energy used when rooftop solar or other renewable system is not exporting to the grid. Customers on rates other than retail should contact us to verify whether those options will apply in coordination with these programs.

**Customer Grid-Supply remains open until installed capacity is reached. New applications are placed into queue for processing if and when space in the program becomes available. There is no guarantee that space will become available. New applications may be submitted via mail and are not supported in the Customer Interconnection Tool.

Apply Online and Forms

You may access the Customer Interconnection Tool to apply online. Please see our How To Guide, Training Video, and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.  Beginning Feb. 20, 2018, you may apply online for the Customer Grid-Supply Plus and Smart Export programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for frequently asked questions regarding our Customer Grid-Supply and Customer Self-Supply programs.