Sun Power for Schools

Lanai High and Elementary School

Lanai High and Elementary School is the 21st school (7th in Maui County) to receive a photovoltaic (PV) system. Installed on a new shade structure on August 15, 2005, this system consists of two PV systems that total 2.5 kilowatts. The first uses “triple-junction” amorphous modules. The second uses single crystal modules. The project is providing a comparison of the performance of these systems under the partly cloudy conditions typically found at the Lanai site. This project was funded by Maui Electric's Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) membership funds and Maui Electric's research and development funds (Sun Power for Schools customer contributions were not used for this installation).

System details:

  • Total peak rating of 2.5 kilowatts (consists of two systems)
  • Seven (7) Sharp 175 watt (W) single crystal modules
  • Twenty (20) 64 watt Unisolar US64 triple-junction amorphous silicon modules
  • Two (2) SMA Sunny Boy 1800U inverters
  • Fat Spaniel Monitoring System - Wind speed, air temperature, and solar insolation sensors
Lanai High and Elementary School

Shade structure at Lanai High and Elementary School with two 1.25 kW PV systems - single crystal modules (top row) and “triple-junction” amorphous modules (bottom two rows).

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