Sun Power for Schools

Lokelani Intermediate School

Lokelani Intermediate School is the 16th school to receive a Sun Power for Schools photovoltaic system. A photovoltaic area lighting system was installed on the roof of Portable P-9 on February 19, 2002.

The system consists of a solar panel, an enclosure that houses a battery and a solar lighting controller, and luminaire. The solar panel charges the battery with DC electricity during the day and the battery powers the luminaire at night. The solar lighting controller regulates battery charging/discharging and controls lighting operation.

System details:

  • 65-watt multi-crystalline solar panel (mounted to roof)
  • 80 amp-hr sealed gel battery; 5-day autonomy (mounted to wall)
  • Charge/light controller (light operation: 8 hours after dusk)
  • Flood light fixture with 24-watt compact fluorescent lamp (mounted to rafter)
Lokelani Intermediate School

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