Sun Power for Schools

Molokai High School

The island of Molokai received Maui Electric's 2nd Sun Power for Schools photovoltaic (PV) system, installed on the walkway roof of Molokai High School on May 21, 1999. Unlike the previous Sun Power for Schools installations, each of these PV panels has an individual inverter located on the back of each module. Thus, AC current is leaving the PV modules.

System details:

  • One kilowatt (kW) rated peak
  • Four 4x6 foot panels, weighing 110 pounds each (Manufacturer: ASE, Type: ASE-300-DB/50-285)
  • AC disconnection switches
  • Four ATI inverters to convert DC current to AC
  • Data acquisition system (Data collection can be monitored and analyzed by students as part of integrated renewable energy lessons.)
Molokai High School

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