Maui Electric shares energy saving cooking tips for the holidays

Release Date: 11/18/2015

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KAHULUI, November 18, 2015 - The holidays are coming up and saving electricity in the kitchen can become a little easier with these tips from Maui Electric:

Use the cooktop wisely

  • Use flat-bottomed pots, and match the size pot to the amount of food you’re cooking.
  • Place the pot on a similarly-sized burner, and put the lid on the pot.
  • Consider using a pressure cooker. It cooks food at a higher temperature and pressure, reducing cooking time and cutting energy use by 50 to 75 percent.

Maximize the oven

  • When you need to roast a dish in the oven, plan to cook as much of your meal as you can in the oven at the same time.
  • By baking in glass or ceramic pans, you can lower the oven’s temperature by 25° F, and food will cook just as quickly.
  • To maintain good air flow, don’t line the oven racks with foil, and stagger the pans on the racks.

Refrigerate leftovers promptly

  • Don't put uncovered hot liquids into the refrigerator; the vapors from hot liquids add to the compressor's workload.
  • Quickly cool hot liquids and food by dividing large amounts of leftovers into shallow containers or placing containers of hot leftovers in an ice bath then refrigerate them.
  • Leftover cooked foods requiring refrigeration should be rapidly cooled to an internal temperature of 45°F or less.

Run the dishwasher

  • By using an ENERGY STAR-qualified dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand, you'll save on water and cut your water-heating cost in half.

"During the holiday season many people are busy in the kitchen preparing for festive gatherings - and that can increase your average electricity usage," said Shayna Decker, Maui Electric communications specialist. "These tips can help save energy in your household this holiday season."

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