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Is an Electric Vehicle Right for Me?

Use the WattPlan for Electric Vehicles tool to help understand whether an electric vehicle could be a good investment for you. Learn more >

Electric Vehicle Cost Estimator

If you are considering the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle or wish to understand which rate may be best for your EV charging habits, you can try the WattPlan for EV tool. It allows you to compare a number of EVs to conventional gasoline vehicles based upon financing options, driving distances, and charging habits. This tool will provide initial purchase and ongoing maintenance costs and “fueling” your vehicle selection and the price of your household electric bill.

Please send questions or comments to: GoEV@mauielectric.com or call 808-871-9777 (GoEV).

Existing TOU EV customers

Customers currently participating in the TOU EV may compare their past electric vehicle rate bills to the standard residential rate. Customers may better understand if and how much they are saving, and if they may save more by participating in this rate. Use the link below to select the Bill Savings Estimator most relevant to you. By downloading any of the estimators you indicate you have read and understood the disclaimer (see below).

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Residential TOU EV

For a residential customer already enrolled in Schedule TOU-EV

March 2015

Disclaimer and Assumptions

The EV Bill Savings Estimator (the "Estimator") provides a comparison of the EV TOU Rates to standard residential rates and illustrates the potential costs and savings associated with charging plug-in electric vehicles based on manufacturer's specifications. The Estimator is intended for illustrative purposes only, and by providing the Estimator for public use, the Hawaiian Electric Companies make no representations or warranties as to its accuracy or that individuals will in fact achieve the estimated cost savings.

Actual electricity costs will vary based on several individual factors, including but not limited to, your actual household TOU load profile data. The Estimator assumes the consumption by a typical residential customer without an electric vehicle is approximately 45 percent during the off-peak period, 15 percent during the mid-peak, and 40 percent during the priority-peak. These assumptions are based on the 2008 class load study.

¹ Microsoft Excel 2010 or later is required to use the Bill Savings Estimator Tools.