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Average Price of Electricity

How much does your electricity cost?

Electricity prices in Hawaii are greatly affected by the cost of imported fuel oil because it accounts for roughly 50 percent of a typical bill.

In 2017, our companies experienced increases in the costs of fuel oil ranging from an 8 percent increase to a 24 percent increase, compared to the previous year-end. Consequently, electricity prices in 2017 were higher than in 2016.

We will continue to increase our use of renewable energy resources, which will help stabilize the future cost of electricity.

The following charts show the average price paid per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 2017 by rate schedule for each type of customer. These figures are derived by dividing the total revenue by the total kWh sold for each category during the year. Electricity rates vary by rate schedule because they’re based on the cost of providing service.

Hawaiian Electric Company (Island of Oahu)

Rate Schedule2017 Average Cents/kWh
"R" Residential 28.22
"G" Small Power Use Business 29.33
"J" Medium Power Use Business 24.31
"P" Large Power Use Business 22.18
"DS" Large Power Use Business, Directly Served 20.73
"F" Street and Park Lighting 25.26

Maui Electric Company (Maui County)

Rate Schedule2017 Average Cents/kWh
"R" Residential 30.64 35.57 35.87
"G" Small Power Use Business 34.12 42.70 40.98
"J" Medium Power Use Business 29.35 34.52 38.60
"P" Large Power Use Business 26.83 27.23 34.02
"F" Street Lighting 27.57 33.07 35.05

Hawaii Electric Light Company (Island of Hawaii)

Rate Schedule2017 Average Cents/kWh
"R" Residential 34.20
"G" Small Power Use Business 39.24
"J" Medium Power Use Business 30.39
"P" Large Power Use Business 26.76
"F" Street Lighting 33.41