Power Outages

File a Damage Claim

If you believe your sensitive electronic equipment has been damaged as a result of a power outage, you can file a claim with Maui Electric. The claim is to be filed within 30 days of the power outage. If it is determined that the damage to your equipment was caused by something within Maui Electric's control, you will receive compensation. For details please refer to the information below.

The Public Utilities Commission has ruled that you have a responsibility to protect your electronic equipment. To do so, we suggest that you:

  • Unplug sensitive electronic equipment during rainstorms, if there is lightning, and if the power goes out.
  • Properly ground your cable TV, telephone, and utility service lines.
  • Install protective devices like a surge suppressor or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect individual sensitive equipment.

Filing a Claim

Should you experience a power outage, you have the right to file a claim for compensation for any loss caused by that outage. You may be eligible to receive either the cost to repair or the depreciated value of the damaged items, whichever is less. (See Rule No. 16 below.)

When to file a claim
For your claim to be valid, it must be filed with Maui Electric Company within 30 days of the power outage.

Information to provide
Please provide your name, Maui Electric account number, and your contact information. Include the date and time of the power outage and your observations regarding the outage, such as flickering lights, burned smell, loud noise, etc. List the items that were damaged, including the year purchased and model number. If you have estimates or receipts for repairs or replacement costs, keep them until requested by our adjuster. Keep damaged items until your claim has been resolved.

How to file a claim
You can file a claim in one of three ways:

  1. Complete the "Claim for Damage or Loss" form and mail to the address provided below.
  2. Send a letter with the necessary information to:
    Maui Electric Company
    Attention: Damage Claims
    P.O. Box 398
    Kahului, HI 96733-6898
  3. Call Maui Electric at 871-8461, or from Molokai and Lanai at 1-877-871-8461 toll-free, and a representative will document the information needed to review your claim.

Rule No. 16

The Company will exercise reasonable diligence and care to furnish and deliver a continuous and sufficient supply of electric energy to the customer, and to avoid any interruption of delivery of same. The Company will not be liable for interruption or insufficiency of supply or any loss, cost, damage or expense of any nature whatsoever, occasioned thereby if caused by accident, storm, fire, strikes, riots, war or any cause not within the Company's control through the exercise of reasonable diligence and care.

The Company, whenever it shall find it necessary for the purpose of making repairs, changes or improvements to its system, will have the right to suspend temporarily the delivery of electric energy, but in all such cases, as reasonable notice thereof as circumstances will permit, will be given to the customer, and the making of such repairs, changes or improvements will be prosecuted as rapidly as may be practicable, and if practicable, at such times as will cause the least inconvenience to the affected customers.

Should a shortage of supply ever occur, the Company will apportion its available supply of electricity among its customers as authorized or directed by the Public Utilities Commission. In the absence of a Commission order, the Company will apportion the supply in the manner that appears to it most equitable under conditions then prevailing. Any rules, regulations, rate or contracts of the Company which are inconsistent with such order or plan shall be deemed suspended while such order or plan is in effect and the Company shall not be liable when it acts in substantial compliance with such order or plan.

On a semiannual basis, the Company shall provide to the customer, notification of the customer's right to file compensation claims with the Company for any loss, cost, damage or expense caused by an interruption of service. The notification shall be on a separate information sheet enclosed with the billing.

For a customer's compensation claim to be valid, it must be filed with the Company within thirty (30) days of the interruption of service. The Company shall review every claim and shall compensate the customer for any loss, cost, damage or expense as determined by the Company to be within the Company's control.

PUC Order 10960

Effective February 6, 1991