Building More Renewable Generation

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Selling Power to Maui Electric

At Maui Electric we are committed to preserving all that makes our islands so special. One of the ways we are accomplishing this is by working hard to achieve a clean energy economy. In October 2008, the Hawaiian Electric Companies signed a landmark Energy Agreement with the State of Hawaii as part of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative to move Hawaii away from imported oil towards a more sustainable future.

The initiatives listed below are mechanisms that are available for those interested in selling energy to Maui Electric:

Competitive Bidding

Wind Competitive Bidding

Competitive Bidding was adopted by the PUC as a mechanism for acquiring or building new energy generation in Hawaii. The process is initiated by Maui Electric with the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP). All projects with a net output greater than the lesser of 5MW or 1% of the utility’s total firm capacity, including that of independent power producers, are subject to the PUC's Framework for Competitive Bidding. Please see Maui Electric's Competitive Bidding page for more information.

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Feed-In Tariff (FIT)

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FIT is designed to encourage renewable energy projects through standardized pricing and contract terms. Project sizes up to and including 5 MW are eligible for FIT. Prices are based on type of technology and tiered by the size of your system. Please see Maui Electric's Feed-In Tariff page for more information.

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Schedule Q

Schedule Q

Schedule Q describes the standard rates, terms and conditions that apply when the utility purchases as-available energy from customers with small cogeneration and/or small power production facilities of 100 kW or less in capacity.

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