Storm Center

Emergency Checklist

At Hawaiian Electric, we work hard to provide you with reliable electric service; but due to uncontrolled forces of nature such as a tropical storm or hurricane, power outages can still occur. The key to successfully weathering these situations is to be prepared. Our checklist is designed to help simplify the process.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Download and print our Emergency Preparedness Checklist.

Recommended Checklist

  • 14-day supply of non-perishable foods (with little to no cooking required)
  • Water (a minimum of 1-gallon per person per day for drinking and additional uses)
  • Flashlights or lanterns (battery, hand crank or solar powered)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Pet food and extra water for your pet
  • Portable radio (battery, hand crank or solar powered)
  • Extra batteries
  • Manual can and bottle opener
  • Butane/propane stove or charcoal grill with fuel
  • Ice chest and ice or frozen ice packs
  • Matches and/or lighter
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Cash or travelers checks
  • Personal hygiene, sanitary supplies and diapers
  • First aid kit and medicines
  • Special needs supplies (eyeglasses, hearing aid, medical bracelet, etc)

Additional Items to Add if You Need to Evacuate

  • Important papers/photos
  • One complete change of clothing and sturdy shoes
  • Sleeping bag and/or blanket

Prepare Your Home

  • Tie down or store all loose objects including plants
  • Unplug electric appliances you may not need or use
  • Cover all windows and door openings with boards or shielding materials
  • Properly secure propane tanks
  • Secure elevators on the top floor of your condominium

First Aid Kit

  • Current prescription medications (ideally 14-day supply)
  • Tissue/cotton swabs
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Bandages, plastic strip, assorted sizes
  • Antiseptic solution
  • Water purification materials
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Aspirin (or aspirin-free tablets or capsules)
  • Tweezers